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about us

ta.s.arın  is an initiative which aims to extend architecture and design culture. In this respect, several workshop programs are developed for various participants from different age-groups and pursuits. The content and duration of the workshops differ according to the participant profile.

ta.s.arın workshops aim to reach every segment of the society in order to promote design culture as a part of daily life and support the creation of qualified living environments by this way.

ta.s.arın workshops aim to create an interdisciplinary language based on art, design and architecture. In the technology-era, the way of creating a difference is to be open to improvement and to be creative. Therefore, design culture ought to become a part of self-improvement beginning from the early ages, rather than confining it just to vocational education. Only by this way, a wholistic perception of the world might be achieved.

ta.s.arın collaborates with schools, organizations arranging children activities, NGO’s, municipalities and museums. In this respect, both pre-designed workshop programs and new programs designed according to the collaborative institution’s mission and participants’ needs are organized. All programs are elaborately designed in scientific quality and attract attention in both national and international academic platforms.

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