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W15: 2018 | Bursa ArchiFest 2018 | “HEY! Imaginable Guidelines” Workshop

“HEY! Imaginable Guidelines” Workshop was realized with the collaboration of Uludağ University “Kot Farkı” Student Club, “Mimarlığa Merhaba” Team and SanalArc, in the scope of Bursa ArchiFest 2018 that was organized by Bursa Chamber of Architects. ta.s.arın gave moderation support to this workshop.


HEY!, is a sharing platform established by the collaboration of Studio X and SanalArc and aims to make each citizen participate actively in urban design being aware of design problems. It is a card game developed in order to discover how cities are designed. Playing with cards including sensible solutions to real-life problems that could be implemented, the participants are promoted to think on urban problems and find solutions for an ideal city.

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