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W14: 2017 | AGU DesignWeek  | “Trans-parent Trans-frontiers”

This workshop was organized in the scope of AGU Design Week’17 with the undergraduate students of AGU Faculty of Architecture.


The aim of this workshop was to examine various layers of Kayseri, which has multi-layered geographical & historical quality, discover the relationship between various spaces and periods belonging to built & natural environment , discover also the inclusion of the citizens / users into these relations and make projections for the future.

Within the scope of the workshop, there was a field trip to the chosen areas in the city. In this trip various architectural and topographic examples and human behaviors in these areas were examined and reported. In the studio, there were discussions on the concept of frontier / transfrontier and in accordance with these and the data collected from the field, a conceptual installation was produced in which the concepts of human-culture-history- nature-architecture are intertwined.

During the workshop, the relevance between the present and the [front] (previous) generations, periods, layers, buildings, spaces and human behaviors was questioned.

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