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W13: 2017 | AGU Faculty of Architecture | “YogArch” 

This workshop is a version of YogArch, which is a program designed by ta.s.arın, bringing human body and constructional principles together. It was organized in collaboration with AGU Faculty of Architecture in the scope of “Basics of Design” Course with first year undergraduate students.

YogArch (Yoga + Architecture), which is a combination of yoga asanas and structural principles of architecture, is constituted from a set of yoga asanas supported by visual materials. The set is designed in the norm of an ordinary beginner-level yoga class, which means the order of the asanas is not coincidential. The set starts with simple warming-up asanas, continues with more complicated asanas of balance & power and ends with relaxation poses. Each of these asanas symbolizes a constructive principle or an element. Before practising the asana, this working principle or element is explained on the visual material of a building by the instructor who is experienced both in architecture and yoga. The two-level learning (first listening and then practising on their own body) makes it much easier for the participant to perceive these facts.

This workshop might be practised by all ages over 6 years-old in order to strengthen body-space perception.In undergraduate education, YogArch supports structural courses.

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