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W10: 2015 | Çocukİstanbul | Studio X Children Ateliers | “If I Were A Building

This workshop is a version of YogArch, which is a program designed by ta.s.arın, bringing human body and constructional principles together. It was organized in collaboration with “Çocukİstanbul” in the scope of Studio X Children Ateliers with 6 year old children and their parents as a family workshop.

YogArch (Yoga + Architecture), which is a combination of yoga asanas and structural principles of architecture, is constituted from a set of yoga asanas supported by visual materials. The set is designed in the norm of an ordinary beginner-level yoga class, which means the order of the asanas is not coincidential. The set starts with simple warming-up asanas, continues with more complicated asanas of balance & power, ends with relaxation poses. Each of these asanas symbolizes a constructive principle or an element. Before practising the asana, this working principle or element is explained on the visual material of a building by the instructor who is experienced both in architecture and yoga. The two-level learning (first listening and then practising on their own body) makes it much easier for the participant to perceive these facts.

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